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Your Majesty. My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. Since Good Friday 2002 I published in a huge website three immense proposals.


1. Christendom within the orbit of Western Civilisation is the realisation of the chief ideas furnished in the biblical Eden of Genesis. This meant, God the Creator bestowed upon Adam intelligence to be a proficient Custodian of Eden, in which God the Creator could reside within his own Handiwork. This panned out in the era of Colonialism which gave the white nations supremacy over all other cultures. This was NOT because the Creator preferred white nations to nations of colour. As the white nations chose Christianity as their chief religion centred upon the Life of Christ, they were oblivious that figure only created 'eye contact' in  which the 'Downloading' of Great Art & Great Science, via the Renaissance and the Enlightenment respectively, which gave to these nations intelligence to be proficient Custodians, which panned out in human history creating Colonialism.


This was THEOLOGICALLY what God the Creator ORIGINALLY INTENDED. Unfortunately the early church did not see this coming and applied the teachings of the Scriptures centred upon Christ as the answer to our human flaws, based upon an assumption of a perfect Eden in which Adam's disobedience led to his expulsion from Eden and as a consequence his intelligence. This is what the Church calls 'Original Sin' the cause of all pain, suffering and death, which the Church teaches Christ 'Atoned' for this human condition. This errant theology led to the demise in Christianity today, because of the rise of secularism based upon Art and Science. When the Church discerns that Christ and Art & Science atoned for our evolutionary development, a 'Pincer action' by the Almighty, then all the debate for example about racism and LGBTQ+ can be answered in one single constitutional Act of Abdication by King Charles III to endorse this correct theology then the Church will resume pole position before humanity.


2. The Constitutional Conclusion to the Hereditary Monarchy, which I first advocated on Good Friday 2002 to be conferred upon  Elizabeth II symbolises the above understanding, which is now carried over into the reigning monarch of King Charles III to constitutionally abdicate, before the Coronation, to prepare him with maximum integrity to become the future King Charles I of the United States of America, at the behest of the American peoples, when they understand what all this entails.


3. My life conceals a road map to become constitutionally the future Archbishop of Canterbury, Monarch and Pope as the symbolic Figurehead of Christendom within Western Civilisation, to allude to the allegorical Adam of the allegorical Eden of Genesis. This means giving Britain, Europe and America a Corporate Figurehead, (in the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II) which has no constitutional powers of its own, but symbolises their collective and shared values, religious, cultural, economic, environmental and political. It is my task to show how all this comes together conveyed in my manifold websites, in which I have also been conferred by providence to be the 'Spokesman' of these complex ideas and beliefs, as a true 21st century Joseph 77.


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