Marketing a Christian Civilisation to the World
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Marketing a Christian 
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Is Britain a Christian country?

This website presents the case that Britain is not only a Christian country, but we all live in a Christian Civilisation; the fruits of Art & Science which abounded in The Renaissance and The Enlightenment to produce all the infrastructure of a full democracy, the proficiency to be successful Custodians of our planet. The Reformation produced the active presence of God transfigured into the Protestant faithTheologically, ‘Art & Science’ is ‘the gift of comprehension’ which God ‘downloaded’ upon Adam to ensure he was a  proficient Custodian of God’s OWN HANDIWORK, his chosen place of abode in the allegorical Eden of Genesis: REALISED in ‘Western Civilisation’ God’s OWN HANDIWORK in which our relationship with God is set in its very midst implemented by the Christian Church.

Our home is our handiwork: our chosen place of abode in which our relationship with our family resides. 

Thus Christianity can now advocate that ‘Western Civilisation’ is God’s own handiwork: in which our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ resides, 

set in its very midst: its ‘Theological square root or route’ in the Eden of Genesis. Thus Britain is part of a Christian Civilisation


Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; 
knock, and it shall be opened unto you: Matthew 7:7

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth

It is only in a close examination of all 5 websites and other unpublished works, that the impossibility is revealed. What is left can be evaluated for probability, likelihood and even desirability. 

The recent announcement by the BBC to create a new production of ‘Civilisation’ after its great predecessor Lord Clark’s groundbreaking series, has sparked interest in who the new ‘Presenter’ may be and also the nature of what ‘art’ constitutes. It is also very interesting that the BBC followed this by Jacob Bronowski’s‘The Ascent of man’ a series based upon how science influenced the cultural development of humanity. It is a sound argument to propose that the pinnacle of Art & Science came in The Renaissance and The Enlightenment, respectively. A third series by the BBC to achieve a continuity, would be a production of The Reformation its religious counterpart to flank the secular, an ‘enclosed unit’ to capture the essence of Western Civilisation AND Christianity.

This immediately draws towards a narrative which addresses the recent comment by the Prime Minister, whom rightly advocates that Christianity has left a great legacy which has profited not only Britain but every industrialised democracy. Its legacy of secularism, based upon Art & Science, set in the very midst of every conceivable institution in an industrialised democracy, speaking (unfortunately) louder than the practise of Christianity itself, alluding to church attendance.

Lord Melvyn Bragg summed it up very well in 2011 in his noble defence of this legacy in his remarks; ‘…the impact of Christianity outside of the faith has been more significant than the spreading of the faith itself.’

I present myself to impart a personal interpretation of this great era ie The Renaissance and The Enlightenment, combined with The Reformation in which my cv as a carpenter, conceals the stature of a 21st century Joseph, with a ‘Trinitarian Identity’ as the future Archbishop of Canterbury, Monarch and Pope to symbolisethe biblical Adam, to convey this simplified view that ‘The Eden of Genesis is the ‘Square root’ of Western Civilisation AND Christianity.

The simple picture I hope to convey in this website is that secularism, based upon Art & Science is Theologically; ‘The gift of comprehension to service the call to duty’ bestowed allegorically upon Adam, to ensure he was a competent Custodian but only REALISED in Western Civilisation itself. The Reformation ennobled the Church centred upon the Lord Jesus Christ to reside in the midst of Western Civilisation, an ‘enclosed unit.’ This simply means that secularism will give to Christianity 90% greater appeal!!!

To symbolise that the above great eras has achieved all that God the Creator intended in Eden was satisfactorily and comprehensively ‘downloaded’ in history, I have advocated since Good Friday 2002, that Almighty God decreed the Constitutional conclusion to the hereditary monarchy as sufficient in stature to denote the magnitude of all that the Creator has given to benefit humanity has in a ‘definitive’ era has now ENDED.

The death of the Queen Mother on Easter Saturday 2002, endorsed its Theological and Constitutional justification. The death of Baroness Thatcher endorsed this Constitutional Act as imminent, which will as a direct result create the Unification of the Church of England to Rome, to empower Roman Catholicism to act with the will of a Protestant/ Anglican mind.

A new ‘Civilisation’ will not only be an interpretation of history as it will in making history!!!



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