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The Queen’ sonnet to duty



              Of thy incumbency to duty in advancement of years


            Deferred their corruption with thy constancy adorned 


            Ye, a monarch’s continuance sways not with change


            It is the motion that gives to endurance dignity.


           Thus thy sovereign’s eye doth horizons amplify


           Leave to thy subjects a vision there to survey


          And thereby leave a mark worthy of thy praise


          Whom via to seek thy honours upon them laid.


          Such is the mantle afforded upon thy sovereignty


           Anointed upon a throne of antiquity


           Loyal subjects faithful to thy realm confess


          ‘We are consort to thy Majesty both strive to honours live



           Upon each day since thy regal birth, let anthems praise.


          The lustre of thy Crown endures, where’ve thy people go.’

          by  Joseph 77


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