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Abdicate Ma'am its your duty, to inspire our future.

There is latent in the minds of the British electorate, lack of belief in their Prime Minister to deal successfully and honourably, issues at the heart of the people to benefit their lives and future prosperity. It is to the future of the United Kingdom that I hope this website can instil trust and confidence in a new era to match the illustrious legacy of the British Empire, avoiding its notorious abuse of power, by fostering a totally new implementation of the 'acquisition of power' (see end graphic) which first gave to Britain immense wealth and prestige globally. This new era can be inspired by the Constitutional Conclusion to the Hereditary Monarchy in which at the heart of the Queen’s 21st birthday speech alludes to a dedication to a resolution to ‘Save the British Empire’

My life as a true ‘Joseph 77’ secures a road map which reflects the biblical Joseph whom the Pharaoh of Egypt appointed as a ‘Surrogate Prime Minister’ which Joseph under divine guidance dealt successfully with ‘Climate Change’ which threatened Egypt and the ‘Surrounding Nations’ at the time. The two most contentious issues of Climate Change and the War in Ukraine which threaten our way of life and our ‘surrounding  nations of the European Union and America’,  I propose can be successfully achieved when proposals in this website ultimately inspire the upgrading of the United Nations into a Nation Building Corporation, to level up developing nations or countries scorned by all manner of conflict.

This new institution can act in the likeness of what Britain achieved with Hong Kong or what was achieved in Singapore, to actively encourage political, economic and cultural investment to restore the destruction caused by the War in Ukraine, in which say in 20yrs time both Ukrainians and Russians can decide who to run the country after this initial initiative by this Nation Building Corporation. Survival from climate change can be better achieved by encouraging a more reserved life style to impair consumption and thereby reduce the carbon footprint, to one which is marked by the gait of a deferential, dutiful and reserved stride into a stable future..This was what I advocated as ‘Joseph77’ in my candidacy of the 2019 General Election in Southend West, in which under divine guidance I will have anticipated our ‘2 bad dreams’ of the Coronavirus, (microscopic) climate change and the war in Ukraine with the necessary policies to adopt and gain your confidence to overcome these two traumas, the road map to Britain’s future prosperity as your ‘Surrogate Prime Minister’.

As a beginning to this high resolve, I propose the use of a booklet (see Shop in main site) to firstly commemorate lives lost caused by the Coronavirus, in which families can plant a tree to their memory in a proposed Queen Elizabeth Royal Arboretum. Ukrainian families living in Britain whom also lost a loved one in their country caused by the war, can also plant a tree dedicated to their memory. In the centre of the proposed royal arboretum a new Queen Elizabeth Hall to foster the legacy of the British Empire in its historic entirety, accompanied by a continuous account of every contemporary achievements henceforth.

The two new verses of New Jerusalem and Blessed be our nation below, hopefully articulates the transference of the legacy of the British Empire to the future aspirations of the British peoples, making this proposed Royal Arboretum truly representative of a past era to an inclusive, transparent and accountable society.

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