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A biblical template to unveil a 'Surrogate Prime Minister'

The biblical Joseph (with the coat of many colours) emerged from unjust incarceration, to deal successfully with Pharaoh, (the King) of Egypt's two bad dreams, which Joseph under divine inspiration interpreted as 7yrs of plenty followed by 7yrs of famine. In simple terms he was called upon by Pharaoh to deal with Climate Change. Under Pharaoh's authority Joseph was given charge over his entire government. His term in High Office also served in equal measure to successfully support the 'Surrounding Nations'. Joseph's true strength, (which Pharaoh discerned) resided in his close dependence upon divine guidance. This faith in Almighty God led Joseph to become a 'Surrogate Prime Minister'. His spiritual integrity empowered him to in effect become a very successful politician!

In the pursuit for a new Prime Minister, it is useful to remember what Tory Prime Minister Harold Mamillian famously stated 'Events my dear boy, events' which had the propemsity to either diminish or increase the stature of a politician. I am not an MP or politician to any political party, but manifold events in providence has conferred a road map upon my life, which reflects my biblical namesake to become Britain's first 'Surrogate Prime Minister' to emulate what the biblical Joseph achieved relative to whom best to serve Britain in 10 Downing Street. Translate the biblical scenario upon myself would firstly convince people divine providence under God's grace has led me to this point in Britain's hour of need to accede as a future Surrogate Prime Minister, to deal successfully with Britaion's concurrent crisis of Brexit, Coronavirus, the War in Ukraine, the Cost of living and Climate change. As will be seen as I extrapolate throughout my websites, Christianity's Conclusive Message, encapsulated  in the graphic of the 'Kitchen drawer'  is the key to dealing successfully with these immense challenges. This is firstly a Theological protocol endorsed by a Constitutional imperative, to empower a political resolve. My ideas must convince the Church first, then the Monarch before finally Parliament itself. Whilst the candidates above will only offer political ideas, my political resolve will be inspired by the biblical Joseph reinforced as one guided by Almighty God to become Britain's first Surrogate Prime Minister, constitutionally in which 'Divinity hedges upon the door to 10 Downng Street' so to speak.

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